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Welcome to League of Asia for League of Legends! Type a summoner name into the box above and choose a Garena region. You can see how you and your opponents stacked up to one another in previous games!

Know thy Enemy

Spy on enemy summoners as your game loads! Do they play aggressively? Maybe they're on a losing streak? Study the true legends and improve your own game!



We have implemented reCAPTCHA on League of Asia. We know reCAPTCHA is a pain, and trust us - we would not have it if it wasn't absolutely necessary. For most of you, this will just mean one extra checkbox to click when you visit the site. We hope you see this as a fair compromise given the reason for its inclusion.

Someone has been scraping data from this community, slowing the website to a crawl and causing searches on the TW server to fail for legitimate users. This person's activity has also been costing us LOTS OF MONEY. While we're being honest here, League of Asia relies on user donations and cash from our own pockets, and it exists because we all love the game. Even so, this website costs more to maintain than the revenue it generates. reCAPTCHA is just one method of stopping people that would cause this website to die, and we will employ more severe measures if it does not work. And if more severe measures fail, we will simply shut down this entire experiment.

To the people who try to collect lots of data from League of Asia there are better ways to go about it, such as asking. To everyone else, thank you for continuing to use this website respectfully. With reCAPTCHA in place, everything should go a lot faster and more smoothly now.

Disabled PH, TH, and VN

Today we made the decision to remove support for the Philippines (PH), Thailand (TH), and Vietnam (VN) regions from League of Asia. We made this decision after thorough review of each region’s runtime and financial performance. We simply could no longer afford to run servers in these regions and keeping them running was degrading performance site-wide. We’d like to thank the users in the affected regions for their support. Please accept our apologies, and know that we hope to revisit this decision if we find a way to solve these issues in the future.

Small site update

Today's update brings a lot of behind-the-scene changes. League of Asia should now load much faster for everyone. It also reduces our server load substantially, which is important so that this site might be able to stay online past the new year. As always, thank you for your bug reports, suggestions and support. If you notice anything wrong, please let us know immediately.

New features added to League of Asia!

We love your recommendations and we are listening! League of Asia has just been updated to include several features requested by our users through email and twitter.

Here are just a few of the changes we’ve made in this latest update:

  • Multi-Search! The new Multi-Search page allows you to paste your chat log and instantly compare your teammates with one another. You can also just type in several summoners at once, one per line or separated by commas.
  • Search History! Less typing for everyone!
  • Ranked Win / Loss! We dug deep into the data and pieced together this crucial information. You will find it at the top of any summoner's page.
  • Featured Matches! You can now see League of Legends featured matches! Learn from the professionals by reviewing their match history, or grab the Spectate link from the live tab.
  • More Chinese language options! You may now choose between traditional and simplified Chinese at the top of the website.
  • Donation Button! So many of you have requested to contribute to the site directly, we've set up donations through PayPal. We are humbled, truly, and very thankful for your consideration. Contributions directly maintain the site, keeping League of Asia online and allowing us to use better servers with less downtime for regions that have sporadic networking conditions.

League of Asia app for Android

We just released the League of Asia app for Android smartphones and tablets! The app is free and available in all languages over at Google Play:

League of Asia on Google Play

This site is humbly supported by generous users who turn their ad-blockers off.

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